marjoram leaves plan essential oil herb

Marjoram is most well known as a culinary herb, but has some valuable medicinal uses. It is closely related to Oregano, and has similar properties. Marjoram is often thought of to address sore muscles, joints, sprains, and back pain as it is a natural muscle relaxant. It also has respiratory and digestive uses. It is also often used for tension headaches or migraines. Similarly Marjoram is effective relieving stress and helping insomnia. Marjoram Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flower and leaf of the plant. The plant is commonly grown in Hungary.




Mix 1-2 drops with agave, honey, water, or juice for minor stomach complaints of indigestion.

Marjoram is certified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA. Apply topically with massage to address sore muscles or joints. It can reduce pain associated with cold, fever, inflammation, exertion of muscles, toothache, headache and numerous other reasons. One of the greatest things about this oils is that it does not have any adverse side effects unlike the analgesic available in market.

Apply direct to sprains, sore backs, or necks for antispasmodic effects. Because it is antispasmodic, this means it is helpful in curing nearly all types of spasms and related problems. It relieves spasm in respiratory system, intestines and muscular spasms within the limbs. It also helps reduce, or in some cases eliminate, convulsions, muscle pulls, cramps and spasmodic cholera which are caused due to spasms.

Diffuse the oil or apply topically with a massage to the chest, neck, and lymph nodes at the onset of cold and flu or respiratory distress symptoms. It can be effective in curing infections from virus and ailments associated with them, such as common cold, influenza, mumps, measles and even pox. Use topically with massage to the lower back and abdomen for menstrual issues. Menstrual issues and stress relief can also be addressed adding Marjoram to a warm bath.

Some studies have reported that the oil also slightly lowers high blood pressure. It reduces and in some studies stopped the growth of fungus which means it can help eliminate fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. It also can helps get rid of dysentery, which is often a result of fungal growth.

Words of Caution: It has no adverse effects. However, pregnant women should avoid this.