Tips & Testimonials: Wintergreen Essential Oil

Disclaimer: Do not ingest this oil. Dilute this oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil before topical use.

Try a little Wintergreen and Clove in the diffuser for the first frost of Autumn feeling! – Tina K.

My husband recently had knee replacement surgery and wintergreen oil topically is one of his go to oils to help with his pain. He hasn’t taken any pain medication … Controlling pain with oils only. – Monica C.

Wintergreen together with White Fir healed my broken toe. I was dancing again, on my toes after 5 weeks. – Anna S.

Use it by diluting it with coconut oil and it works for fibromyalgia pains! – Denise T.

I use it in my homemade body scrub – it’s made of used coffee beans, coconut oil, and some drops of wintergreen – I absolutely love it! – Jenny B.

I use it in my homemade mouthwash. – Sarah E.

I just wanted to do a quick share: after reading all the comments about Wintergreen and it’s effectiveness, I decided to give it a try. Hubby pulled a couple of intracostal muscles (between his ribs) and I have tried everything but he keeps complaining it hurts. So tonight I put Lemon Grass on him, layered Wintergreen over, and followed with lotion. Within literally 5 minutes, he said it didn’t hurt at all. So I did the same with my low back and knee. Almost immediate relief! – Karen B.

Put in daughters belly button when i couldn’t find my digestive oil blend for tummy ache… She went from thinking she was going to throw up to falling asleep. – Bonnie M.

I had stingers from my neck down my left arm to my thumb. Went to a chiropractor and he worked on me for several weeks. Nothing was working and I finally thought, what oil could I use? Looked it up in my book and had my husband apply the Wintergreen and my pain level went from a 10 to a 2 in 1/2 hour! It was completely gone after several uses and hasn’t come back in 2 years. – Robin W.

I use wintergreen, peppermint and lemongrass on the bottom of my feet for Planter Fasciitis. – Sara W.

I put a drop on my toothbrush and it makes my mouth and teeth feel amazing! – Ben G.

I mix wintergreen with bath salts and put in gift jars. Lets be honest, after a hard workout, soaking in a hot bath with this mixture feels heavenly! – Jamie U.

I love diffusing wintergreen with lime! – Crystal L.

I whacked my finger instead of the nail, with the hammer, very very hard. I used wintergreen only for probably 4 days. Nothing else could relieve the pain! – Debbie H.