Tips & Testimonials: Patchouli Essential Oil

As a gymnast, my daughter is especially prone to getting growing pains in her knees and heels. Whenever her conditions flare up, I use a White Fir – Patchouli mix, right on the skin, right where it hurts. I use the blend twice a day for about 3-5 days and the pain is gone. She hasn’t taken ibuprofen for pain in months! – Kelly L.

I use it blended with other calming oils to aid in peaceful sleep. – Nikki R.

I have been wearing patchouli oil for at least 40 years. I use it mainly for whole body support ie emotional, physical, and mental. I also use clary sage, frankincense, and rosemary on a daily basis. – Rebbecca P.

This oil is great for bringing down fevers! – Dana L.

I use it in my deodorant with lavender and Tea tree. I love it. My husband loves it. – Christina B.

Bug repellent in the woods!!! Works great and you don’t stink like bug spray! – Gina C.

Mix patchouli with frankincense and have a major wrinkle/stretch mark cream. You can’t tell I’ve had four kids! – Ashley M.

I use Patchouli on the bottoms of my feet 2x a day to manage the symptoms of my OCD. – Melissa D.

I use it in a deodorant and to help my daughter with autism. She gets a lot of mood issues as her hormones shift and we use this in conjunction with Orange essential oil and Lavender essential oil to help keep her stable. She loves it and we love the smell. – Bonnie P.

I put a drop on a paper towel and put it between my door and storm door. Lady bugs left for days! – Beth R.

Helps my breakouts, and helps me sleep. I also use it as deodorant. It is one of my favorites I put it on my face and chest every night and I don’t have insomnia anymore. – Brandy N.

I use Patchouli in my diffusers as a supplement to help battle anxiety and depression as well as for skin. – Ron K.

Use it for fevers and to help ground and calm anxieties. Also use in a homemade bug spray. And that is just the tip of the iceberg for me and Patchouli. – Allison P.

It tightens loose skin and regenerates new tissue. Mix with other oils if you don’t like the smell, it is too good not to use! – Joyce S.