Tips & Testimonials: Orange Essential Oil


Precaution: Do not use it in Styrofoam cups or plastic because it eats them since it is a citrus oil and the plastic breakdown is not good to ingest if you do use a plastic cup with orange oil. Only drink orange oil with water, in glass or metal containers. Also do not apply any citrus oil such as orange oil on the skin and go out in the sun without waiting at least 12 hours because the UV rays can react more with the skin and may cause more intense sun burn.

I like pairing it with peppermint EO and diffusing it in my bathroom when I take a shower or bath. That with meditative music in the background and I feel like I’m at a spa! – Jennifer I.

A couple of drops in my home made dark chocolate. Yum!!! – Gary B.

I drink orange oil in water everyday…I know 2 people who have found relief from their heartburn and acid reflux by taking orange oil in water everyday. – Benny M.

I diffuse it to uplift the spirit and freshen the home. – Fran G.

use a few drops in my hair conditioner and it makes my hair shiner and cleans well. – Harriot J.

I love to use mine for deodorant: place 5 drops on fingertips, rub fingers together and then rub underneath arms. Place hands together and inhale for an instant lift! – Leane G.

We put it in our oatmeal! It tastes great.  – Arah L.

I add it to recipes, like cranberry nut bread or date rolls and to a glass of water. – Amy K.

I diffuse it in my home to help calm the atmosphere and children when they are hyper. – Karry Y.

I add two or three drops to my vanilla yogurt. – Carol G.

Mix with Lavender, smells wonderful & very relaxing. Glenda S.

Great in my protein shake in the morning. I feel like it gives me a big energy boost for the day. – Jan W.

I put Orange in my Chocolate Fruit Smoothie every morning! YUMMY! – Roma H.

Put 2 drops in our teriyaki chicken. – Jennifer E.

This is in each of my homemade household cleaners. – Kelly O.

I add orange essential oil to my toothpaste to help whiten my teeth. – Veronica T.

I use it to massage on stressed out clients at my massage therapy job. Great for reducing the apearance of cellulite too. – Gwen F.

1) Getting the really hard to remove grease off the stovetop.
2) A gel cap made with orange, thyme and oregano essential oils loosens up lung congestion.
3) Smelling it

4) A few drops in recipes that call for orange extract. – Dawn G.

I use with Lavender for sleep. Best sleep ever! – Patricia S.

I use a little on my stomach each day to help with digestion. – Clara U.