Tips & Testimonials: Lavender Essential Oil

a bunch of lavender flowers on a white background


Lavender oil is found in my first aid kits. It can help with cuts, bruises, and skin irritations. It is a must have! – Laura J.

I put 2 drops of lavender essential oil in my moisturizer before going to bed and I noticed a difference in the redness of my pimples. It is good to dilute the oil, especially if the smell is strong for you. – Cassie K.

I had read in many different places that Lavender oil is a natural antiseptic which can be used in place of things such as ointments for cuts and scrapes. When I tried it with the mid-range brand, I didn’t feel like there was any difference. I began to wonder if lavender really did work for cuts and scrapes. But then I got a therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil and I tried it. It actually helped! After it dried, it looked much better the next day. – June F.

I put 1 drop of essential oil on a rag to the side of my pillow at night to help me sleep. If I am really having a hard time getting to sleep I will will put some lotion in my hand and put a few drops of lavender in it and then rub it on my feet. I fall to sleep much quicker and feel rested the next day. – Donna J.

Lavender has a soothing fragrance to me. The oil is very calming and also good for mosquito bites! This is an excellent essential oil! – Tammy L.

This stuff is seriously awesome and works great on my eczema! I mix it with a non-sented lotion at night with the lavender oil and apply on my feet. Great stuff! – Lila M.

Love this lavender. I use 2 drops on the soles of my feet every night at bedtime. It has gotten rid of my hot flashes! I would recommend looking for a therapeutic grade oil in order to get the best lavender. – Hilda T.

I’ll put 2 drops on the back of my neck to improve my mood to be more positive. A drop on each foot and one rubbed between my wrists for better sleep. It will put you to sleep quickly, but you won’t wake up with a groggy feeling. Put a few drops in a diffuser for general mood enhancement for everyone in your home. I put 2 drops rubbed into each leg to ease wife’s restless legs associated with her monthly cycle. A drop mixed with a drop of peppermint oil and a bit of lotion to ease sunburn. Two drops mixed with peppermint oil and diluted with coconut oil or non scented lotion and rubbed on the chest can ease congested lungs and a cough. – Mike D.

Lavender oil helped our babies sleep better through the night. With only 1 drop rubbed onto the bottom of their feet, and then the residual oil on fingers. We used the oil pure – we did not use a carrier oil to dilute it. Our kids now go to sleep in just a few minutes now instead of a 20 minute regimen. We use a full sleep system to get them to sleep using a sleep sack, stories, a little baby music, and short baby video. The lavender oil has been an outstanding addition to our sleep “tool box”. – Tamra B.

I burned my hand on the stove on accident. It was just a minor burn but hurt. I applied lavender and it soothed it and I think it kept it from looking worse. – Benny M.

I like to use it for my face to clear up acne and it does a great job. I add it to my moisturizer and face lotion. – Carly B.

Love this lavender oil. Gets rid of my acne, and significantly reduced the appearance of an inch long scar on my finger. Helps heal wounds faster too. Highly recommend for these uses. – Jina L.

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