Tips & Testimonials: Ginger Essential Oil


I place it on my cold toes when my circulation is bad in the winter! The Top of foot between big toe and second toe before they split off from the foot but all over them is fine. – Sarah K.

I use ginger with frankincense to clear my son’s breathing (he is asthmatic), this has saved him from needing his inhaler many times! Clears up his wheezing almost instantly! – Diane G.

My Family LOVES a drop with honey for a dipping sauce for baked shrimp! YUM! – Breanne H.

I add ginger to my water daily with the lemon oil and slices of cucumber. My digestive system is golden these days when I’m consistent with these oil water daily. My skin glows too. I also added ginger to my pumpkin pie this holiday season and it was delicious!!! – Tiffany E.

On the airplane! Especially in turbulence. I rub some on my stomach and put a couple drops in some ginger ale. Works like a charm! – Brittany S.

Used ginger for a pinched nerve. Could barely move I was in so much pain. This was my saving grace, the pain went away almost instantly. I made me a homemade compress. I put it in super hot water…the hotter the better and apply to skin. I had my friend massage the compress on to my skin and within minutes I could move! – Mellissa U.

Combined with lime, it’s a very effective expectorant. Bye, Bye mucinex! – Michelle C.

I add 15-20 drops to a bottle of natural ginger ale and it’s the only thing I have found that really helps with migraines. (not to mention a whole lot cheaper than that $$$ to the ER that didn’t even take away the migraine!) – Karina G.

We used it on our infant son many years ago after he’d been screaming for hours with digestive and gas pains, literally 20 seconds later he was calm and asleep! – Lake L.

We rub it all over our temples, and around our eyes when we have sinus pressure and it’s gone in minutes! – Monica T.

Morning fresh carrot-Apple juice with one drop ginger. Part of my eyesight improvement regime. – Brenda W.

I put ginger in sparkling water, I use it my teas, I use it for inflammation & nausea. This is my current favorite oil. – Sandra D.

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we have bitter cold witners. A good foot rub with Ginger eo and a carrier oil is a good way to get warm and restore good circulation! – Kim V.

Rub a drop in the back of your neck for tension in that area! Helps the headaches that start from there! Love my ginger! – Amanda L.

The Emotions book taught me Ginger helps us bring out our Warrior side to stand up for ourselves and to be empowered. – Pam J.

Used it this weekend for the nausea from the stomach flu. Never threw up. So glad I have ginger oil. – Beth N.

For indigestion and heart burn. 3 drops lemon-3drops of ginger in a gel cap. – Sandy W.

Used it in lotion bars with lemongrass…love that combo, smells so good and refreshing! – Danny O.

I put it on my wrists when I am feeling yuck while pregnant. It helps the nausea calm. I rub it onto my pillow at night when I feel that way, too. – Shayla T.

I put it behind the ear for ear infections and more. I love just smelling it at a slight distance. – Mellissa A.

Great for migraines. I use it in hot water stirring well then sipping. Migraines are often related to food intolerances. Corn sets off migraines for me. Ginger is also warming so I put a drop with coconut oil and rub it  on my belly button & back of neck. – Dana I.

I have developed a new habit of using Ginger EO in my cooking instead of the powdered form. The flavor is rich and full! – Rene B.

When I have a cold, I make a hot ginger drink with ginger oil, lemon oil and honey. Kills off colds in no time! – Karen S.

Last summer when we were camping my husband and son got very sick. Both ends. Now imagine being in camper with 2 sick people. I think they contacted food poisoning from a restaurant we had stopped at on our way there. Anyways I diffused ginger oil in the camp trailer. I diffused it and rubbed it on their feet and tummies within 24 hours my hubby and son were feeling better. The vomiting had stopped. I was amazed. – Shirley K.

Ginger with Garlic and a cup of chicken soup – add two of lemon excellent for colds and
flu. Also good for sinuses. – Marissa G.