Tips & Testimonials: Clary Sage Essential Oil


I’m a Survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury from an automobile accident. Using Clary Sage helps me manage my chronic headaches and migraines. I put 2 drops behind my neck to relieve stiffness and in 3 seconds the stiffness is gone, Amazing! I have had only 5 migraines within the past year and what a huge relief from getting headaches/migraines daily. I would recommend Clary Sage to anyone for relieving tension behind the neck. It’s a great muscle relaxer. – Melissa G.

Clary sage helped me with hot flashes. I put a drop on my ankles every morning. – Sarah B.

I put Clary Sage on my lower abdomen every morning and it has stopped my hot flashes. – Angela S.

Love this oil! I put some neat on my inner right ankle every morning and before bed every night. Went from having 3+ soaking night sweats a week to just three nights a month before my monthly time. The ones I have now aren’t as bad as the ones I was having before. Love the smell too. – Christine D.

I also love it with 6 peppermint, 6 orange, & 2 clary sage in my diffuser. Brightens any day, at room! – Jan P.

Added Clary Sage to my homemade deodorant so I get a daily dose. – Cindy L.

Love my clary sage, use it daily in my homemade salve! Had helped with server cramping and general hormonal issues. Will never need with out this eo! – Jess K.

I diffuse this every night at bedtime. Helps me sleep. – Denise A.

Clary sage oil has helped me balance mood changes when I was cycling and even now when I no longer do have a menstrual cycle. Clary sage has a balancing effect which support the body’s natural equilibrium. – Joan H.

I find that if I use Clary Sage on stressful days, it quickly stops that mind chatter that is so disruptive to achieving clear thinking. – Emily B.

I put 1-2 drops in my hands and smell the oils. I find this oil helps build my confidence for the day. – Patricia T.

I put 2 drops on my abdomen and massage it clockwise to aid digestion. – Yola M.

I put a drop or two on the back of my neck and on my feet to reduce insomnia. I feel more rested the next day. – Ronda M.