Tips & Testimonials: Cinnamon Essential Oil

Precaution: Skin may be irritated by cinnamon, mainly sensitive skin areas, therefore dilute this oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. It is recommended you use an essential oil skin test before applying topically just in case there is an allergy to cinnamon. For young children, it is recommended to not use it internally. For those who are pregnant or nursing mothers, consult a doctor’s advice before use.

Discovered that a drop of cinnamon in homemade whipped cream is heavenly on top of pumpkin pie. – Megan W.

Works great for poor blood circulation and warming of cold limbs below the abdomen! – Sabrina M.

I found that it helps dealing with my sugar cravings as well. – Bonney G.

I add a drop when I make oatmeal. Scrumptious! – Michelle E.

Great as an organic pesticide in the garden too! – Nicolle T.

Great smell for the fall and holiday seasons! – Ellen K.

Love this one!!! Use it for cooking and take a drop daily to help with the blood sugars. – Karen H.

I have allergy asthma so I cough a lot and was using inhalers. Nowadays instead of inhaler I take 2 drops of each cinnamon and lemon and it get rids of wheezing. Amazing. – Gita N.

I eat it in my oatmeal. I’m diabetic, it helps me stabilize my blood sugar. – Kate B.

I take it daily in a capsule for metabolic syndrome. It is a disorder that affects blood sugar and insulin levels. Since starting this, my insulin levels have leveled off without medication.  I have been doing four drops a day. I can really tell a difference in how I feel as well. – Mary G.

I have been doing four drops a day. I can really tell a difference in how I feel as well. – Rachelle M.

I use it with honey in my tea at the first sign of a cold. Keeps the cold short and the symptoms mild. – Kimberly L.

I have a customer who uses it in her drinking water to curb her tobacco cravings. As an added bonus, it has ended the heartburn she’s suffered with for 30 years! – Kellie H.

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