Tips & Testimonials: Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

I love the chamomile essential oil as a body scent. I find the Chamomile scent to be subtle and delightful for when I want a calm earth-based scent. – Harriot L.

I’ve used the Chamomile oil for a week and it brings calmness to my stressful day. I applied the oil to my skin and it’s aroma spread out and reduced the stress from the work and traffic. – Lauren W.

I mostly use oils to flavor lotions, soaps, and bath salts. A couple of drops of chamomile oil was enough to flavor a whole batch of bath salts for me. I like to use Epsom salts, and some loose lavender buds and about four drops of the chamomile oil to blend with the lotions. They turned out wonderful! – Cecilia B.

I have found that roman chamomile is a calming oil that works well with adults, children and animals! It is very soothing to all skin types. It is used especially in Europe within skin preparations. Roman chamomile is also beneficial for relief of muscle discomfort, after exercise, when added to massage oil. – Karalee I.

Chamomile is so soothing and a perfect oil to use in a diffuser or humidifier type of device. – Greg S.

I mixed this oil with an aloe smelling soap and it was amazing! – Stacy R.

I love the calming  scent. During a stressful day I carry a little cotton towel with a few drops of chamomile on it. It really helps me to relax and unwind. – Ellen F.

I use roman chamomile on the bottoms of my feet and elbows before bedtime. The scent is calming and the oil is a wonderful moisturizer on my dry heals and elbows. – Jacque L.

This is one of my new favorite oils I  have been using this oil nightly to help me sleep. It has been doing an amazing job. – Megan E.

I often get migraines and this oil combined with coconut oil has calmed the migraine and I can sleep much better. – Carly J.

I used the roman chamomile to help soothe irritated skin and to help with a bug bite. The oil applies nicely and feels nice. The other great thing about this oil is the fragrance helped open up my sinuses. – Gloria W.

Essential oils work wonders when blended in with things that do not smell so pleasant. I use this oil mixed in with my facial mask. It easily hides the smell of the seaweed smell very well. I find when I add this oil into the facial mask my skin is much softer after rinsing off. Overall this essential oil works perfect for massages as well as leaving your skin with a smooth and silky feel. – Jazmine C.

This oil absorbs easily into the skin and it leaves your skin looking healthy. A little oil goes a long way, especially if you don’t want to smell too strong so you can dilute the oil with a carrier oil before adding it to a shampoo or lotion. – Leslie F.

I use a cleansing bar instead of soap. I put a few drops of oil on my washcloth after lathering it and it makes a nice softening agent for the skin. It works great if you get dry itchy skin during the winter season. Chamomile is used for soothing various types of skin rashes and aids in softening the skin. For the skin, it also works as an antioxidant. Using it within the shower adds the aromatic feeling of relaxation. – Jessica A.

Roman Chamomile Oil is one that a friend of mine used to help clear up her daughter’s eczema. It is a good oil for the skin and found in many lotions for that purpose. I also like the oil for it’s calming properties. – Gloria C.