Tips & Testimonials: Black Pepper Essential Oil


Stopped nicotine cravings on spot! That and clove. – Cindy H.

I’m using it to quit smoking! So far, SO GOOD!!!! – Debbie G.

I use Black Pepper for circulation. When my feet are cold, I put a little in the arch of my feet and my feet warm right up with out socks or a blanket. – Shelley J.

Back pain during labor! Had a home birth in August and it was my first delivery where I wasn’t forced into an epidural. Black pepper seriously takes the edge off without drugging up the baby. He was born much more awake and responsive than my older kids were. Love this stuff! – Linda G.

I add a drop to my chai in the morning; it improves absorption of turmeric, which I take as a supplement for inflammation! It adds a nice bite to my chai (to which I also add ginger and cinnamon), as well. – Jacqui S.

A friend of mine used it to kick a 40+ year smoking habit! She put a couple drops on a cotton ball and placed it in an airtight container (like one that 35mm film used to come in.) When she craved a cigarette, she would pop the top and inhale the aroma from the container for a minute or two and the craving would diminish. If the urge to smoke was too great, she would smoke a cigarette. Gradually, the cravings decreased and in two months she was totally free of nicotine!! And she only used a total of about 6 drops!! – Sheryl B.

I use in combination with White Fir and Wild Orange for Pain Management and emotional support, combination smells great too! – Brenda K.

Add to the oil when making popcorn. Yum. – Debbie W.

We like to diffuse in the mornings with Orange essential oil as a stress reliever before heading out the door. – Patty B.

It’s great for muscle spasm. Also really good for sinus colds: put a drop in your thumb and then press it to the roof of your mouth. I’ve had relief within 5 minutes from a sinus cold. – Victoria L.

I haven’t done this yet, but you can diffuse it to rid your house of fleas. Here is the recipe, 10 drops each, Black pepper, Oregano, Orange, Peppermint, 10 drops Cleansing essential oil to be used after cleansing the house. Add the first 4 oils to your diffuser and place in the most central location of your home. Open all interior doors. Diffuse for 2-3 hours, you may need to do each room. Leave the home while diffusing, when you return open all windows. Diffuse cleansing blend for 1-2 hours. When finished vacuum all around the area, moving furniture, and make sure to empty the bag outside. – Liz J.

Muscle aches. Mixed with wintergreen its more effective for me than some oil blends. – Aimee S.

I love it for anxiety! Rub a little on my chest, back of neck and inhale deeply. Anxiety melts away! – Kandy K.

Use it for it’s antiviral properties. Frankincense and black pepper layered on bottom of feet at first sign of a cold. – Crystal R.

I have fibromyalgia and I use it in a blend with aroma touch eucalyptus and fco for pain. I’m thinking of adding wintergreen when I make my next blend. – Carol M.

I put it behind me ears because I love the way it smells and also add it to my flu bomb for extra umph. – Christina T.

Honestly my favorite is when making salmon sandwiches I lightly drain the salmon, add 1 Tbsp of Mayo, 3 drops lime and 3 drops Black Pepper. So far everyone asks me what I’ve done as they are the best salmon sandwiches they have ever had. – Rhonda D.

Mixed with coconut oil used on the entire back, focusing on spine for when illness is coming on; helps with body aches & immune system. – Josh A.

I Love black pepper for my joints or for substituting for Melissa oil. Since I can’t afford Melissa right now. – Vilda M.

I use it on cold sores with a little peppermint! Black pepper is antiviral and peppermint will soothe and zap it! I don’t dilute it with coconut oil if I’m using it on myself, if it’s a child, I’ll dilute! – Gilda G.

I am using it to stimulate my adrenals (topically on the reflex point on my hands every morning and every night). – Loretta W.

Black Pepper can help alleviate cravings, thus, helps conquer addiction (cigarettes, alcohol, etc) – Carol A.