Tips & Testimonials: Birch Essential Oil

birch leaves

Birch Leaves

Precaution: Topically it can be “hot” and a skin test should be used for those with skin sensitivities. Birch, as with other oils with a high concentration of methyl salicylate, should not be used by people with epilepsy and should be typically avoided during pregnancy.

I use it as an added flavor when making root beer from scratch. Birch oil is that secret flavor ingredient, lending a wintergreen flavor needed to round out the flavor for a yummy brew. Also I use it when soaking in the tub with Epsom salt for its uplifting aroma and for its benefits for body aches. – Aubry S.

I use this oil on my dreadlocks between styling my hair to help with my dandruff. I mix it with olive oil and rosemary oil and the mixture keeps my scalp from drying out. – Christina P.

I love mixing birch oil with peppermint, wintergreen, and/or spearmint! The smell reminds me of Christmas with candy canes and is great for putting on home made Christmas decorations for a great indoor smell during the holidays. – Stephany T.

Great for pain and inflammation when diluted with lotion or coconut oil. I bought this along with wintergreen essential oil. I switch between the two oils. I love them both! – Jalyn L.

Birch is one of my favorite essential oils. When added to a carrier oil, this oil works wonders on sore muscles and sore joints. It also works well in steam showers for a wonderful aroma. – Rita J.

One of my family members suffers from a mild eczema and birch oil helped with the itchy areas. We diluted the oil with water before applying to the skin. The rash was not as itchy after the oil was applied. I have also added a couple of drops of birch oil to our dandruff shampoo to assist in controlling flakes. I love the woodsy, cool, and sort of like root beer smell. – Debra B.