Tips & Testimonials: Bergamot Essential Oil

bergamot fuit plant

Precaution: Since bergamot is a citrus oil, we recommend not putting it on the skin and exposing yourself to the sun for at least a whole day after use. The oil is phototoxic and too much exposure to the sun after use may cause skin irritation. Also for citrus oils, use a glass cup, not a styrofoam cup or plastic cup when drinking it with water since citrus oils can pull toxins out of plastics.

Diffusing or smelling bergamot essential oil is a great natural pickup and wake up alternative. I use it every morning to help get me going for the day. – Janice T.

Using this oil fragrance with Grapefruit is amazing! I also use bergamot oil with lavender oil and I am so relaxed and laid back after using this blend of oils. I had no idea that bergamot was also a relaxing oil because I am a newbie at using oils. I recommend this oil for those who tend to have issues relaxing and winding down the mind and body. This oil blended with lavender oil is a great way to achieve stress and over active mind relief. – Claudia J.

I highly recommend using bergamot oil in the air. It is especially useful for relaxing and is meditative. It puts my mind and in a happy state. It’s hard to be stressed out with bergamot oil in the air. – Silva G.

I put the oil in an oil burner after a busy and stressful day. Believe it or not, when the other people I live with arrived home, they each said that they had felt like they had been suddenly hit with a very calm state of relaxation that could almost put them to sleep. I did not feel that effect initially but I did notice that after a day or so my mind was not as jumbled and I was able to think more clearly and feel more at ease. The oil does help a lot. Some people might feel the soothing effects a little stronger than others, but I have noticed each person is experiences bergamot differently. – Jana H.

I love putting a few of drops of bergamot in bath water. It makes me feel so relaxed. I feel such an amazing sense of well being after smelling Bergamot. – Kami H.

This oil is a great flavor when cooking. A drop can be strong depending on the size of what you are cooking so I dip a toothpick in the oil for a smaller drop then dip it in what I am cooking. Make sure the oil is graded for therapeutic or internal use. – Heather L.

Bergamot is an especially great ingredient for making Earl Grey tea with any sort of loose leaf. The flavor of it is yummy and less “perfumey” many other Earl Grey’s teas I have tried when used with bergamot. – Yola M.

This oil smells great! I use this oil in homemade items such as body butters, deodorants, lotions, and shower fizzies! – Gina D.

The smell is wonderful and the oil has so many health and cleansing benefits. – Peggy K.

This oil has definitely helped reduce my husband’s headaches! He simply dabs a little under his nose and the headache goes a way in less than a half hour. – Christine Q.

My husband had received a slight rash on his arm, so I mixed this with apricot oil to dilute the bergamot and rubbed it over the rash. It quickly cleared the rash right up! – Heather C.

Bergamot helps me sleep well at night. I blend it with coconut oil or jojoba oil and then apply it over my body before going to bed. It smells lovely and is relaxing. – Leslie Y.

Bergamot essential oil has helped reduce my feelings of anxiety, along with some great oils such as lavender or clary sage which you can mix together for a good relaxing oil blend. – Linda G.

It is one of my favorite oils because of the sweet smell. I rub it on my inner wrists and feet to aid in falling asleep more easily. – Cynthia A.

I mixed the bergamot oil with two other oils with water to create a bathroom spray recipe I found on Pinterest which works well as a natural air cleaner and freshener. – Rachelle L.

I use this oil to make a handmade laundry detergent. My family loves it and it helps clean very well. – Veronica P.