Tips & Testimonials: Basil Essential Oil

Aaron Tait Photography

Basil oil is great for ear infections. Put a drop or two on a cotton ball or diluted around the outside. Put a drop on the crease of ear in front of mastoid. Or place a drop on a cotton ball turned outward of ear. DO NOT Use oil in ears or nose. – Marie F.

I used it to kill a huge plantar wart after trying almost everything including Oregano! It’s been gone for over two years so far! – Amy J.

Basil is great with peppermint for headaches. I use it mainly for dehydration type headaches. – Rhonda Y.

Ear aches. Mix with grapefruit for better smell. Puts a drop on a cotton ball and rub it around the ear and then put the cotton ball in the ear. – Janice L.

I just ordered Basil. Has anyone used it for emotional support? My book says “it gives hope and optimism to the tired soul”. Nathan B.

I like to diffuse it with grapefruit oil. It helps with exhaustion and freely draggy. Anti spasm! – Terra K.

I used it all day once for it’s calming properties for stress, and then cooked my chicken with it! – Blake R.

I use it as part of my carpal tunnel routine and for cankers. – James G.

I love using this oil w/ lemongrass for pain. – Dorris N.

I am using it for a skin rash and having good results. – Lori T.

I used Basil on a swollen joint on my finger and the pain stopped almost immediately, but what really surprised me was the swelling went down by half! – Jenny Y.