Melaleuca (tea tree)

Tea Tree Leaves White Background

Tea tree oil in history has become a treatment in Australia for the prevention and treatment of infections. While World War II commenced, the government of Australian classified tea tree oil as an essential commodity and exempted producers from military service. Melaleuca has been proven to kill many bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact so it is excellent for cuts, wounds, burns, and anywhere that bacteria might be found. It has a commercial use as an antiseptic for the face, skin disorders including acne, and dandruff. It is effective to use as flu and cold symptoms arise. It will reduce gum inflation and is used for periodontal disease. Melaleuca Essential Oil is from the botanical family Myrtaceae, with the oil being processed by steam distillation from the leaf of the tree.


Antibacterial Antibiotic


Apply topically and neat (undiluted) to wounds, cuts, bites, fungus, athletes foot, skin disorders, and less severe burns. Also apply neat to address fungal issues. Use a carrier when applying to more sensitive areas, especially the genitals for herpes or thrush. It can be applied neat or with a carrier to the face and neck for skin disorders. Add a 5% dilution to shampoo to address dandruff problems. Gargle or oil-push a 5% dilution of Melaleuca to effectively address mouth and gum problems. Melaleuca is an excellent anti-bacterial, effective against virus and supports the immune system when diffused.


Use with care during pregnacy.