The symptoms of Jaundice are described a yellow color of the whites of the eyes and the skin. Infant jaundice is the most common form and can be present in adults.

An unbalance of the natural process of red blood cells dying and being removed from the body is what causes the yellow coloring. Bilirubin is formed during this process which is broken down and removed from the blood stream by the liver and then discarded as by via the intestinal tract. When a larger amount of bilirubin is formed it can build up to the point the liver cannot filter it fast enough. This results in yellowing appearance of the skin. Jaundice can be caused by the liver being damaged, too many blood cells dying, and the liver not being able to filter out bilirubin fast enough or not being excreted properly.

At birth, if the liver is not fully developed this can result in infant jaundice. This is especially true with premature birth. This may also be the result of the newborn not getting enough milk to drink. Some types of infections may also result in jaundice. Certain drugs, blood disorders, and other conditions may result in jaundice as well.

Suggested Oils to Use

Geranium, Lemon, Rosemary
Also consider: Clove, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Thyme

Babies: Put a drop of diluted oil in the palm of your hand then gently rub it on the bottom of the baby’s feet.

Children and Adults Oils may be placed diluted on the feet or on top of the liver reflexology point.