Hair Care with Essential Oils

brunette woman brushing hairMany of us agree, having healthy, great looking hair can really boost appearance. Hair color is one of the first identifying factors of identifying someone. Essential oils do not alter your hair color. However they can enhance the color. Chamomile is great for lightening blonde hair, sage is good for black/brunette hair and not surprisingly carrot oil is good for people with ginger hair.

One of the basic building blocks of hair is a protein called keratin. Keratin is a strong protein that makes up your hair, fingernails, and toenails. Hair conditions such as loss of hair, dandruff, greasy hair, and fragile hair may be treated with essential oils. In general healthy hair is maintained by a healthy diet, enough sleep, reduced stress, and use of proper shampoos and conditioners. Too much shampooing and conditioning for hair can be damaging to hair. Beware of natural hair conditioners which contain synthetics. Also many shampoos are likely too strong and can cause hair to become dry or greasy. Choose shampoos that are more mild with essential oils. Two great oils that people have great results with dry or greasy hair are lemon and rosemary. These two oils are a common choice when treating hair. Tea Tree oil is also an oil found in many natural shampoos that can also be helpful in maintaining healthy hair.

At the side of each hair follicle there is a sebaceous gland which secretes sebum, which is what our body produces to lubricate and maintain healthy hair.

Suggested Oils to Use

Clary Sage, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood

Also consider:
Basil, Cypress, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang

Suggested Ways to use

1 – 2 drops of rosemary added to a small handful of shampoo will help slow hair loss.

For Normal Hair

“Normal Hair” or rather what some say “Healthy Hair” is neither dry nor greasy and is easy to maintain. It is often shiny. Certain things such as antibiotics, long-term medication, or strong shampoos may keep hair from being healthy. Generally use gentle shampoos and treatments. Oils that can help maintain healthy hair include: lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, parsley, geranium, carrot, and rosemary.

Shampoo Recipe for Stimulating Hair Growth:

– Soap Stew – 4 ounces
– Rosemary – 2 drops
– Lemon – 4 drops
Eucalyptus – 7 drops
Mix in blender

Dry Hair

When your hair is too dry it can be damaged, tangled, have split ends, and broken. This usually means that your body is not producing enough sebum. Sebum is produced by a sebaceous gland which helps keep hair stay moist. Dry hair can also be more directly related to too much sun, swimming in pools with chlorine (especially if the hair was not washed before and afterwards with shower water), too much swimming in salt water at the beach, bleaching, and tinting hair. When you hair is exposed to the sun and/or sea too often it may lead to a more greasy scalp and brittle hair ends.

Essential Oils For Dry Hair

Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, Birch, Carrot, Parsley, Yarrow, Sandalwood

Vinegar Rinse for Dry Hair

Add 1 drop of sandalwood oil to 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar in a small bowl and mix. Then the mixture to a large bowl of warm water. Use the warm water mixture as a final rinse. The smell of vinegar goes away when hair dries. But the effect of vinegar will produce shiny looking hair.

Greasy “oily” Hair

Greasy hair happens when the glands in the scalp are producing too much sebum. The appearance is a greasy unwashed look. Often times shampooing too much or with harsh shampoos will cause more sebum to be produced to compensate for the frequent loss of lubrication in the hair. Often times greasy hair will be accompanied by dandruff. To avoid this, use more mild shampoos with essential oils.

Essential Oils For Greasy “Oily” Hair

Rosemary, Lavender, Cypress, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Pimento Berry, Birch, Basil, Sage, Thyme, Yarrow

Use one of the oils daily in a shampoo mixture to help reduce greasy hair.

Fragile Hair

Fragile hair often comes as a result from abuse by too many perms, colors, mousses, and gels. The hair appears thinner than usual and has obvious split ends. This type of hair needs to be treated lightly to avoid further breaking. The scalp needs to be stimulated by oils. Also be sure to avoid strong shampoos.

Essential Oils For Fragile Hair

Parsley, Lavender, Chamomile, Birch, Thyme, Calendula, Carrot, Sandalwood, Clary-sage

Some people have found that lavender essential oil mixed with a mild shampoo can help. Be sure to massage the scalp lightly to stimulate hair growth. After shampooing with the lavender essential oil, do not rinse for 10 minutes. Over time this treatment will help encourage new cell growth and healthy hair and also prevent breakage.