Eucalyptus Leaves

Although Australia typically comes to mind for its wide variety of Eucalyptus trees they are also native to Africa and the southern United States. For essential oils the preferred variety is Eucalyptus radiata. Eucalyptus is Eucalyptus Radiata grown in Australia with the oil being extracted from the leaves of the tree. Eucalyptus has long been know by herbal practioners for its insect repellant properties and associated maladies such as fevers and respiratory conditions. Beyond this the antibacterial and antiviral properties make it beneficial in not only treating symptoms but underlying causes as well. As with many oils it can blend with others and the resulting fragrance can add a sense of calming aand well-being which adds a bonus in any health issue.




Difussing Eucalyptus will benefit respiratory problems and will also help disinfect a living area preventing the spread of bacterial or viral agents to others. For individual respiratory conditions or coughs inhaling the oil directly or breathing vapors from a cup of warm water with a few drops added is usually beneficial. Also an prepared ointment or dilution with a carrier can be applied topically to the chest or throat area. Apply Eucalyptus to the chest easing congestion and alleviating persistent cough. Because eucalyptus has cooling properties adding a few drops of the oil to a bowl of water may and dipping a rag in the water may be used to cool a fever.


During an asthma attack, massage 1-2 drops over the chest for relief. Also, inhale the aroma directly or diffuse in the air to calm an asthma attack.


Use the oil topically or aromatically by diffusing it in the air. Use the oil topically by massaging the oil on the chest, back, and throat. Inhale from the bottle or add a drop to the top of the chest to benefit from the aroma.


Using eucalyptus on a daily basis can increase circulation which is a common issue for diabetics. Many people have experienced relief by massaging it into the body with lotion after each shower. The massage itself can help increase circulation.


Eucalyptus oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties making it a great natural cleaner.

Ear Inflammation

Never put essential oils INTO the ear canal! However, you can apply the oil on and around the outer ear and below the ear lobe. Use only 1 drop to start, dilute the oil for children or those with more sensitive skin.


Depending on the type of pain, eucalyptus essential oil may be applied to the reflex points of the feet or directly over the area of concern to relieve pain.