Essential Oil First Aid Kit

first aid kit greenIf you are out on the road, miles away from a hospital, or out camping having a first aid kit can be very vital. We are told to have a first aid kit in our vehicles at all times. Often times the first aid kit is put below a seat in the vehicle. In this article we will explain which oils are great for common first aid needs. First aid uses typically include treating burns, sun burns, disinfecting a wound, treating an insect bite etc.

Before treating a wound be sure to wash it off with cool water. Dry it with a rag or tissue then apply the necessary oils.

Reducing Bleeding

Helichrysum is a great oil for reducing or stopping bleeding. Apply helichrysum on a cold compress or cool damp rag when controlling bleeding. Then set the cool compress or cool damp rag on the wound.

Disinfecting a Wound

Many oils are great for disinfecting wounds. Some oils may create more of a sting than other oils when disinfecting. Common oils people use to disinfect a small wound are lavender, lemon, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosemary, and tea tree oil. Once bleeding has stopped dilute one or more of these oils with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil and apply on the wound. During World War II tea tree oil was used to prevent infection of wounds.

Promoting Healing

Lavender, Tea Tree, Roman Chamomile, have each been used to support healing. The most important thing to do when first treating a wound is reducing bleeding and disinfecting before using oils to heal the wound. However often times oils that aid the skin in healing also have disinfectant properties.

Minimize Scarring

Typically lavender is the “go to” oil for reducing scaring. However there are other oils that have scar reducing properties. These oils include but are not limited to frankincense, helichrysum, lemongrass, geranium, and myrrh.

Essential Oils for First Aid Kit

Many oils are great to put in a first aid kit. After adding necessary bandaids, rags, and a small bottle of water (to wash off wounds) consider adding the following oils to your essential oil first aid kit:


(Used for Calming, Stress Reduction, and more) This universal oil is great for almost every first aid need. It heals burns and cuts, relieves insomnia, reduces stress and anxiety and is a powerful antihistamine. You can also use it for bug bites, bruises, sleep deprivation, allergies, inflammation,sunburns, lice, and more. It is soothing to skin irritations and takes the pain out of bee stings, hives and other allergic skin reactions. It helps with earache and depression. It is the number one oil you must have in your survival kit.


(Used for Cleansing and Mood Elevation) This essential oil is known for its cleansing ability. Add a few drops to your water to purify it. It is also great for intestinal parasites, dissolves petrochemicals from your body, effective for colds & flu, helps your digestive system and liver work,helps reduce stress and fatigue, calm upset stomachs, is effective for gout, sore throat, and is a disinfectant and an antiseptic.


(Used for Indigestion and Cooling) This essential oil is effective for treating nausea and digestive issues, allergies, menstrual problems, reduces fever, increases alertness and focus, and increases oxygen absorption. It is great for headaches or any muscle aches or pains and is also a catalyst when mixed with other oils. Peppermint is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, can be used for shock, colds, colic, and heartburn.


(Used for Natural Immune System Support) This essential oil is effective in treating bacterial infections and yeast infections, relieves back and joint pain and inflammation, colds & flu, kills warts & skin tags and athlete’s foot, and is an effective cleanse for GI (GastroIntestinal) health.

Tea Tree:

(Used for Soothing and Healing) This essential oil can be used as a first aid ointment, useful for skin irritations, bug bites, athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis. It aids in immune function and supports against throat and respiratory pathogens, and helps with slivers in the skin.


(Used for Bruising and Swelling) This essential oil is great for bruising, sprains, and swelling. Any injury, that does not have broken skin, can be treated with helichrysum oil. This essential oil can be used to treat shock, heal bruises, help with broken bones, help with allergies, and is beneficial against infections and viruses.


(Used for Infections and Pain relief) This oil is good for antiseptic needs, pain relief and swelling of cuts, wounds or bruises. Can be applied on open wounds. It stimulates the immune system and blood circulation and promotes tissue regeneration. It has astringent and analgesic properties and can ease coughing/tonsillitis and other infections.


(Used for Pain and Toxins) This oil helps to relieve toothaches, headaches, and other pain and can be used to draw toxins and infections from the body. It also aids in relieving nausea or constipation.


(Used For Inflammation and More) Frankincense essential oil enhances the effects of other oils, helps reduce inflammation, relieve headaches, and supports skin tissue recovery. It also helps to soothe ADD/ADH, restlessness, and facilitates clarity and focus of the mind.


This essential oil soothes Sore and cramping muscles. It is naturally cleansing and helps to warm feet in the winter.