Bad Breath

You can brush your teeth twice daily or more, you can use mouthwash daily and you can floss but STILL you may suffer from bad breath. Bad breath is not a disease, but rather a symptom of an underlying problem. Causes for bad breath can be anything from decomposing food between the teeth, plaque buildup and/or the use of many substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. Sometimes bad breath is caused by other factors such as digestive issues or gum disease. In 85-90% of cases, bad breath is because of bacteria.

Suggested Oils to use

Peppermint, wintergreen, lavender

Suggested Ways to use oils

If you are not too sensitive to or the taste is not too strong to you simply add 1 – 2 drops of Peppermint or Wintergreen directly in the mouth.

If the root cause of bad breath is the digestive tract using 1 – 2 drops of the peppermint in water after each meal will aid the digestive system.

Small Spray BottleSmall Spray Bottle

Small Spray Bottle

Fill up a small spray bottle (about 125 ml) with warm water and add 4 drops of peppermint, shake the bottle, and spray in mouth. Careful not spray in eyes. Some people have had good results adding either peppermint, wintergreen, or lavender to a glass of warm water and swishing the water in their mouth and afterwards spitting it out.